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1.  Spiritual Health Assessment of Geriatric Population of Jaipur City (Rajasthan) India
  Dr. Kusum Lata Gaur, Dr. Afifa Zafer, Dr. Subhash Bilonia and Dr. Jyotika
2.  Comparison of pre-mixed and sequentially intrathecal administration of Clonidine with hyperbaric Bupivacaine in caesarean sections
  Dr. S.K. Sharma, Dr. Harish Sehara and Dr. Mahesh Sharma
3.  Post-operative Wound Infection in Cases operated in a Tertiary Level Hospital Jaipur (Rajasthan) India
  Dr. Rajendra Krishna, Dr. Gayitri Tyagi, Dr. Pratibha Vyas and Dr. Mahesh Sharma
4.  Association of Treatment Outcome of Tuberculosis with type of Category of Tuberculosis
  Dr. Kartik Rastogi, Dr. Lad Dhakar, Dr. Dharmesh Sharma, Dr. Rashmi Gupta and Dr. Mukesh Bhatnagar
5.  Profile of Post partum Female Sterilization at Tertiary care Government Hospital, Jaipur
  Dr. Rakhi Arya, Dr. Devendra Benwal, Dr. Rashmi Gupta and Dr. Chandrakanta Sulania
6.  Association of Hypertension and Pulmonary Functions
  Dr. Anuradha Yadav, Dr. Manisha Sankhla, Dr. Kavita Yadav and Dr. Rahul