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1.  Comparison of Quality of Life of Care Giver of Chronic Psychiatric and Chronic Medical Patients
  Dr. Ashok Arora, Dr. Kishore Dudani, Dr. I.D. Gupta and Dr. Pradeep Sharma
2.  Pregnancy Outcome Comparison in Elderly and Non Elderly Primigravida attending at Mahila Chikitsalay, Jaipur (Rajasthan) India
  Dr. Kamlesh Nagarwal, Dr. Chandrakanta, Dr. Kusum Gaur and Dr. R. K. Manohar
3.  Clinical Safety and Side Effects of Intra Dermal regimen of Tissue culture Anti-rabies Vaccine
  Dr. Rashmi Gupta, Dr. Mahesh Verma, Dr. Ruchi Singh and Dr. Prahlad
4.  A New Socio-economic Status Scale: urgent Need of Hour
  Dr. Afifa Zafer, Dr. Kusum Lata Gaur, Dr. Anamika Tomar, Dr. Kamlesh Nagarwal and Dr. R.K. Manohar
5.  Association of Dental Diseases with Oral Hygiene in School Children of Rural Rajasthan, India
  Dr. Akhil Sharma, Dr. Sumbul Zafer, Dr. Rashmi Gupta and Dr. Suresh Kewalramani
6.  Estrogen and Progesterone Receptors Expression in Resected Gallbladder from Gall bladder Carcinoma Cases
  Dr. Shravan Nadkarni, Dr. Anita Singhal, Dr. Karuna Garg, Dr. Sumita Jain and Dr. Laxman Agrawal