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1.  Idiopathic Linear Calcinosis Cutis - A Case Report
  Dr. Jayanti Singh, Dr. Vijay Paliwal , Dr. Puneet Bhargava, Dr. Deepak Kumar Mathur, Dr. C.M. Kuldeep
2.  Survival Rate of Teeth after Replantation of permanent incisors in Relation to defined Parameters: An Interventional Study
  Dr. Heidrun Schaaf, Dr. Martha Johanna Hoh, Dr. Philipp Streckbein, Dr. Jan-Falco Wilbrand, Dr. Heiko Kerkmann, Dr. Sameh Attia
3.  School Based Filaria Transmission Assessment Survey at Purba Medinipur District, West Bengal; India in 2014
  Dr. Dilip Kumar Biswas, Dr. Rama Bhunia, Dr. Prasanta Biswas, Dr. Palash Das
4.  Treatment Therapies in Renal Cell Carcinoma in elderly: A Descriptive Analysis
  Giorgio Maria Paolo Graziano, Giovanni Castelli, Prof. Antonino Graziano
5.  Internet Addiction Pattern among High School Students of Jaipur City: A Descriptive Study
  Dr. Kapil Dev Sharma, Dr. Ishwar Dayal Gupta, Dr. Gunjan, Dr.Vibha Sharma, Dr. Rajesh Sharma, Dr. Divya Sharma
6.  Effect of Mifepristone on Uterine Fibroid with special reference to Symptoms and its Size
  Dr. Seema Saharan, Dr. Santosh Khajotia , Dr. Swati Falodia, Dr. Suman Budania, Dr. Parul Prakash
7.  Effect of custom made splint in first carpo-metacarpal joint Osteoarthritis: A Quincy Experiments
  Dr. Ashish Jain, Dr. Rajeswary Jindal, Dr. S.R. Jindal, Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Dr. Kusum Gaur
8.  Awareness and Perception of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STI) in females: A cross sectional study
  Dr. Shikha Singh, Dr. K.K. Meena, Dr. Kusum Meena, Dr. Dharmesh K. Sharma